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Katie Melua's "Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing" lies 12 years in the past and an entire zodiac cycle has passed by. In terms of progress in China this means almost everything has changed: the Olympics took place in 2008, a new president took office, Beijing's population increased from 14 million to over 20 million, hutong areas made way for forests of skyscrapers and bikes were exchanged for scooters and cars.

The Future of Bikes and Trikes

But the center of the city remains a paradise for the owner of bike and trike. As cars honk repeatedly and drivers look annoyed at the lack of pace, cyclists, young and old, whiz through the narrow lanes.


Walking the hutongs with one of Stretch-A-Leg's guides you are exploring a world where the car is but a powerless piece of metal. Trikes carrying people, cardboard, food, rubbish and many other things line the streets.

Mom and little boy with cardboard on bike

Perhaps most audible and recognizable are the trikes advertising their tours of the hutongs (老北京胡同游 - Lao Beijing Hutong You). But even if you're just looking for a ride home, in the narrow lanes they offer a fast alternative to taxis.





If you do want to explore Beijing's hutongs by bike and your airliner makes a big fuzz about stuffing the overhead luggage compartment with your bike there is always the option to rent a bike. Placed around the city are bike stands where you can have the opportunity to start a small adventure of your own.

Women's bike Men's bike


Tour de Hutong

So do you feel like having a little 'Tour de Hutong'? With your hair waving in the wind, the smell of summer snacks being fried, birds chirping and cats resting in the shadow, local Beijing is waiting to be explored. Book a tour with us and indicate you would like to explore by bicycle.

Prefer a walking tour and just watching the myriad of two-wheeled vehicles whizzing by? Just contact us right away and you'll be out and exploring in a jiffy!

Book your hutong tour now!

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