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Hutong Adventures – Local Beijing

Entrance doorway to a courtyard home

Many tourists coming to China and Beijing in particular flock to the main sites. From the Forbidden City to the Wall and from Summer Palace to the Temple of Heaven flocks of tourists are never very far away. At Stretch-A-Leg we take pride in our ability to still manage to avoid the crowds at even the most popular of places. However, we take even more pride in knowing the places and history of those parts of Beijing most tourists never get to see.

Real Beijing

If you are visiting Beijing for the first time you will obviously want to see the most famous sites and our guides have the historical and cultural knowledge to turn this into a brilliant experience, avoiding crowds as you walk where emperors have walked for hundreds of years.

hutong scene--baby in the basket

This is where most people stop and where you lose out on a great opportunity. The opportunity to combine both historical beauty with local charm. The opportunity to see what many people don't get to see. The real local Beijing that is hidden right in front your eyes. Stretch-A-Leg can take you deep into the hutongs, where snacks are still local and the bike is still the most popular mode of transportation.


Charm of local Beijing

Leaving the ring roads for what they are and entering the maze of hutongs is very much like entering the door to Narnia. An amazing world of local charm and very different atmosphere that begs to be seen, to be felt. Cobblers and scissor grinders may have all but disappeared from many cities but enter the hutongs and you can enjoy the sounds of the many wandering merchants yelling out the services they have to offer. Only having an actual time machine will get you closer to what Beijing must have been a hundred years ago.


So what are you waiting for? The sun is out, the streets are filled with the joyous sounds of local Beijing. Explore what others can only dream of and come home with amazing photos and stories to share with everyone.

Go here and make sure you tick the Hutong Walking Tour for your adventure to start!

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