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Summer Snacking on Beijing Street Foods

It’s May and the xiaochijie (小吃街) have come alive again! Tourists and locals alike are flocking to Beijing’s roadside vendors, night markets and snack streets to enjoy cool beers and sample the wealth of delights on offer. For me, the smell of fresh, spicy lamb skewers and the glow of BBQs on street corners definitely […]

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Winter Rituals in Beijing

With the recently passing Winter Solstice and official beginning of winter, Tony wanted to share one of the most distinctive traditional winter rituals you see around Beijing’s old hutong neighborhoods signaling the coming of winter. Stocking up on Dabaicai Dabaicai 大白菜 (Big Chinese Cabbage) season definitely marks the beginning of the winter for Beijingers. Since […]

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Hutong Adventures – Local Beijing

At Stretch-A-Leg we take pride in our ability to manage to avoid the crowds at even the most popular of places. However, we take even more pride in knowing the places and history of those parts of Beijing most tourists never get to see. Explore the hutongs with us and come home with amazing photos and stories to share with all your friends and family.

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Public Exercise in Beijing

While young people rush into the subway or buses to get to work or school, retirees are already in the park for their morning exercises. Stretching and jogging, dancing and singing, or just leisurely playing a few hands of cards, if it needs practicing it can be practiced at a public park in Beijing. Rise early and experience the exercise of the elderly.

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Beijing Summer – Not Cool!

The time of short sleeves, skirts, sweat and naked bellies has arrived once more to the capital of China. Yes, it is hot. And no, it’s not global warming. Beijing’s summers have always been hot. But not always has the solution been similar for everyone. Stretch-a-Leg knows the way to stay cool in the summer!

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Architecture of Red China (Tongzilou)

Tongzilou (筒子楼, also referred to as Heluxiaofu Buildings 赫鲁晓夫楼 Khrushchovka Building) is a type of housing built in Beijing and in many big cities of China in the 50’s and 60’s. But what was life in a Tongzilou like? Let’s take you back for a glimpse into China of the planned economy.

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