“My wife, our two teenage sons and I consider our three days with Tony among the most meaningful travel experiences of our lives.”

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen you, but our great memories will last forever.”

“I asked my cousin to find me the best guide in Beijing, and I think she did just that!”

“We spent 2 weeks in China, but the highlight of our trip was definitely the 3 days in Beijing with you two. What a treat!”

We are so pleased to have delighted numerous clients over the last six years who have trusted their precious vacation time with us and left Beijing with great memories and new perspectives.

Discover more testimonials from our clients: 2015 |2014 |2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 and on the Stretch-a-leg Travel TripAdvisor page.


“We had a delightful day with Laura on our first day in Beijing. We highly recommend Laura as a tour guide. She was attentive to our interests as well as sharing her enthusiasm for her city and country.”
-- Roddy W., USA, Oct 2015

“The folks at Stretch-A-Leg were polite, helpful, knowledgeable, and informative throughout the entire exchange, and were extremely accommodating.  Laura's a Chinese national who speaks perfect English (better than mine) with a truly encyclopedic knowledge of both Chinese and world history. We learned more about China, both past and present, in a day than I think we had in our entire lives previously.

Laura is warm, accommodating, and consummately professional: pretty much the best tour guide one could ask for.  Stretch-A-Leg is really just a first-rate shop, through and through, from the big, important stuff to the little things that make a difference. The driver who took us out to the Wall was pleasant, professional, and safe.”
--Douglas M., USA, July 2015

“Stretch-A-Leg Travel is by far the best way to get-to-know Beijing - its people and sights. A day with guide Laura Zhao was outstanding in every way and I felt like a local. Stretch-A-Leg provides a personal, "behind-the-scenes", educational, and "real life" view of Beijing. The itinerary also is flexible, avoids most congestion, and permits more places to be visited.”
--Ken B., May June 2015

“Jonathon was great. He knows a lot. I can't think of any question we asked that he didn't know the answer to. We had our 9 year-old daughter with us. …Jonathon was good at engaging her in the conversation… She *loved* the Great Wall hike. When she woke up the next day she said she wanted to do it again. It was amazing up there. We didn't see anyone else the whole time. It was tiring (and hard on the knees coming down), but a wonderful experience.  Jonathon's English is really good. I never felt as if I had to structure my questions in a certain way for him to understand what I was asking. He was enjoyable to talk to about all sorts of things.

Even though it was quite expensive, I would certainly book with them again if we returned. We realized how much we missed Jonathon when we tried to navigate around the Summer Palace on our own. We could do it, but I am sure we missed out on a lot.”
--Elizabeth C. Canada, June 2015

“Beyond impressed with our tour guide from Stretch-A-Leg: Jonathan! Knowledge, humor, awareness, kindness......great experience. I traveled with my two adult children: ages 18 and 22. We had a fantastic time in part because of this positive experience!”
--Sue S., USA, June 2015

“Just home from Beijing, a trip made fabulous by our guide Laura. She was incredible, smart, energetic, accommodating and fun. The driver was excellent and safe. We loved the sights visited and the pace and form of information transferred. Thank you for helping arrange a perfect learning get away.”
--Rena B., Canada, June 2015

“I have lived in Beijing for 2 years and had family visiting. Doing a tour with Stretch A Leg travel was the best decision I made and didn't have to be the tour guide for the family. We had Laura as our guide and she answered every question that we had. She was very friendly, great with the kids and very personable. Travelling with 2 small children in China is hard but she helped out making our day go smoothly.”
-- Katherine B., China, May 2015

“We recently visited Beijing for the first time with two of our daughters and spent two days with Laura. She is relaxed, friendly and down to earth with an excellent command of English. She was terrific and had our daughters engaged within the first five minutes of meeting, and they hated saying goodbye two days later.  Her knowledge was extensive and she was able to answer nearly any question we posed. She was also very responsive about listening to what we wanted to do and how we wanted to allocate our time. We managed to see and do a tremendous amount in two days, and needless to say learned far more than if we had tried to do it ourselves!”
--Laura B., USA, May 2015

“This was my family's first trip to Beijing, and Jonathan made it absolutely memorable. From the moment he picked us up at the hotel to when he dropped us off 9 hours later, Jonathan was nothing short of spectacular. Not only was he friendly and had a great sense of humor, but his command of the English language was better than most native speakers in the United States. He also was a walking history book, considering my son asked him around 200 questions covering a variety of topics from Chinese diplomatic relations to hyper-specific nuances of Chinese history - and not once did Jonathan stumble or miss a beat.

I would not change anything about our tour and the only suggestion I would make to Stretch-A-Leg would be to hire 1,000 Jonathans. His choice of restaurant and meal suggestions were beyond well-received, and I particularly enjoyed the great conversations that we had. Jonathan remarked that he enjoys doing these tours because of the people he meets, and it was abundantly clear that this was far from lip service. I feel bad for anybody who comes to Beijing and does not enjoy the benefit of Jonathan's geographical expertise, far-reaching knowledge, and most of all - excellent company. THANK YOU SO MUCH JONATHAN!!!!!!!!!”
--Jeffrey D., May 2015

“My wife and I were in Beijing for a one-day stopover and I considered our various options--from visiting on our own, to group tours and other private guides. I settled on stretch-A-Leg to make the most of our time and feel comfortable with a reputable company with a proven track record.  The company lived up to the highest professionalism and our guide, Laura, was simply delightful. Our visit was very comfortable, interesting and fun! In hindsight, I'm glad we made the right choice. Stretch-A-Leg is terrific and well worth it.”
--Jean-Luc B., USA, April 2015

“Absolutely best hike of my life, and I couldn't have had a better guide than Laura who was a virtual Encyclopedia with not only information about the Great Wall, but could tell me anything and everything about the China in general.  The hike was beautiful, and Laura was delightful and made the experience the best I had while in China.”
--Charles B., USA, April 2015


“With Stretch-a-leg Travel we were able to see places we would never have otherwise seen. Jonathan was a great, friendly, and informative guide. I really liked that he gave us access to unusual places while also allowing us to learn about the general history of China. I recommend Stretch-a-leg Travel if you are traveling to Beijing. If you can do it as soon as you arrive then even better - it is a tremendous way to get your bearings & maximize your time whilst in Beijing & China in general.”
-- John H., USA, Nov 2014

“A terrific two day tour with Laura. Be sure to ask for her; if she is your guide, you will be especially fortunate. Her knowledge of the Forbidden City and far flung hutongs was fantastic and really made history come alive. Any question was answered, and any request was accommodated. The Great Wall experience was one of a lifetime; if you do the wild wall (you should!), be prepared for the hike like no other.”
-- Bill S., USA, October, 2014

“How lucky were we to discover Stretch-a-Leg tours and have Jonathan as our guide. We highly recommend this as a great way to see some different parts of Beijing and have a very friendly and knowledgeable guide to provide local insights and information.  We did two days with Jonathan - Day 1 we hiked a wild part of the wall and had the wall all to ourselves - it was brilliant! You will need a reasonable level of fitness to do the climb but certainly do not need to be a super athlete - it was taken at our pace.

Day 2 we visited a number of the Beijing historical sights - Tienanmen Square, Forbidden Palace and the Temple of Heaven - all amazing and Jonathan gave us a lot of interesting insights. We also organised the car through Stretch-a-Leg and found this very convenient.  It's not cheap but.. We thought it was worth every cent.”
--Lynette P., Philippines, Oct 2014

“I had one day to sight see while on a business trip, and that included wanting to see the Great Wall. The folks at Break-A-Leg were very responsive, professional and we had a very efficient day and I saw the Great Wall for 1/2 day plus several other things (and got great pictures--thanks Jean!!). As a single female traveler not conversant in Mandarin, I felt very well-taken care of. Again, overall a very efficient and enjoyable experience. I will definitely use them again next time I am in Beijing.”
--Ingrid F., USA, July 2014

“I have been to Beijing with my family in June this year. And thanks for Stretch-a-Leg Travel Beijing to offer me a fantastic Beijing tour. They offer me a lot of valuable opinions and help me to control the tour in a reasonable price. I think it is a memorable China tour and it makes me plan to have a second trip in the feature."
--Julia L., USA, June 2014

“I was lucky enough to have a tour with Jonathan and some friends to the Wild Wall a few hours out of Beijing. I had visited other parts of the wall before, but never learned as much about the history or the culture of this famous landmark.  Jonathan was friendly, thoughtful and led us at a very comfortable pace. He ensured we had water, food and rest where appropriate as well as sharing interesting and relevant anecdotes and historical facts as we climbed. We saw no other tourists all day, the weather was beautiful and the whole experience really enjoyable.  I highly recommend Stretch-a-leg as a personable and reliable company whose guides feel more like friends! A brilliant way to see the Great Wall, I will always remember this day. Thank you.”
--Davina H., France, June 2014

“Jonathan took us on a beautiful hike of the wild Great Wall. He was charming and incredibly knowledgeable! Recommend his tours to all.”
--Harry J., UK, June 2014

“We have total 12 people, we booked this company for one day tour of Summer palace and hutong tour. Two guides arrived to our hotel on time, the guide started telling historical stories about summer palace during the bus time as well as some special spots in summer palace. We felt knew it better other than only appreciating beautiful view. And they bring us to a great lunch place with reasonable price and very delicious Beijing local food.”
--Jessie D., USA, June 2014

“This was a wonderful tour provided by Stretch-A-Leg Travel. Our guide Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable with the history of the wall. He not only provided the necessary guidance and assistance but also an excellent history lesson. He brought hiking accessories, like the walking sticks, and extra water and snacks just in case we didn't bring enough. He was very patient with me and let me take my time coming down the mountain since my knee was not strong. I would highly recommend this tour as it is a truly unique and educational experience.”
-I-Fan L., Taiwan, May 2014

“If you're interested in seeing how people really live behind the economic bluster of the new China and the monumental constructions of ancient China, you'll love this Beijing walking tour of the old neighborhoods and back alleys. With my guide, Laura, we explored two different hutongs and witnessed the story of centuries of social, economic, and cultural history told by the bricks, stones, and tiles of these hidden communities. Yet I would not have been able to interpret the meaning of these stories without Laura's able and companionable assistance, who understood the symbolism of everything about this minutely-regulated civilization, from the height of stones to the bolts on a door, and who explained all the details with great facility and enthusiasm. A truly fascinating walk into history, and for me, more rewarding than a visit to the Forbidden City”
-Gerald E., USA, May 2014

“I am so happy I found out about Stretch-a-leg Travel. My guide Henry took me on a tour tailored to my interests, which entailed a bit of the 'must-see', mainstream attractions such as the Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square, mixed with a tour of the traditional Hutongs. During both parts of the tour Henry provided amazing insight and stories about the sites and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend Stretch-a-Leg to anyone who is keen to learn about and see the authentic side of the beautiful city of Beijing :)
--Patty M., South Africa, May 2014

“We had a wonderful time exploring Beijing with Jonathan. He was extremely knowledgeable and took us off the beaten trail. We explored Tienanmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall at Mutianyu, the disappearing Hutongs, the Tibetan Buddhist Temple and the Confucian Temple in Beijing. He knew all the history and hidden details that made enriched our experience. He was also was terrific in picking restaurants and food everywhere we went, we appreciated it! We highly recommend the Stretch-a-Leg tour and especially our guide Jonathan. We would love to come back for another visit in the future!”
--Mary B., USA, May 2014

"The guiding was fantastic and made it possible for me to experience "real life" in Beijing. Katrina was awesome and adapted to me and my interests. She gave me history and background but in a casual and conversational way so it didn't feel tourish."
--Beth A., USA, April 2014

"Extensive knowledge about anything we looked at. English proficiency and general knowledge of languages. What could possibly be better?"
--John B., USA, April 2014

"I had a once in a lifetime experience!"
--Patrick S., USA, April 2014

"It has been a great experience that our family will always remember."
--Britta B., USA, April 2014

"Everything was wonderful. Guides were friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and have great language skills. I can't think of one way it could have been better!"
--Geoff R., Australia, March 2014

"We are a bit tour phobic but the Stretch-A-Leg tour was like being taken around town by a friend."
--Yolyn A., Singapore, March 2014

"The guides were very knowledgeable and easy-going. They made us feel like we could ask them anything, and they always knew the answer."
--Katie H., USA, March 2014

"Everyone was so professional...from the office to the guide to the driver."
--Bernard K., USA, March 2014

"Excellent tour, really enjoyed learning so much about Beijing. Very knowledgeable!"
--Michael J., USA, February 2014

"Ease and speed of booking and email communication, timeliness, and detailed guiding."
--Paula B., USA, February 2014

"It felt like being shown around by an old friend."
--Robert W., UK, January 2014


"Stretch-a-leg's service really differs from the usual guided tour experience in China. I explored places of historical interest I didn't know existed before. This is a really big deal for me. We really liked that we were able to get into the most uncovered parts of the hutongs. Finally, we got a lot of hints towards restaurants and other places of interest very useful to us."
--Fabian H. Germany December 2013

"It was easy to see what we wanted and learn the history of the sights. Our guide Jonathan had exclusive knowledge of history and sights and the city, and was also well-communicated in English. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and could engage more members of the party when sharing info. We could avoid the crowds, generally taking "the book way." Our service was efficient, reliable and informative. We would certainly use SALT again."
--Martin R. UK November 2013

"Our guide was Henry and his command of English was excellent and his knowledge of history was extensive. He was able to bring the sights we toured alive with his sharing of the history. His local knowledge also allowed us to see the sights from a perspective we would not have been able to on our own. He knew all the side entrances and lesser walked paths so that we avoided being a part of the throng as much as possible. "
--Michael N. U.S.A November 2013

"Over two days a friend and I were able to experience Beijing with Tony and Jonathon of Stretch-a-leg in ways we could not have managed by ourselves. We appreciated their willingness and enthusiasm to share their considerable knowledge with us and the fact that they managed to show us the important sights whilst steering us away from the crowds - both at the Forbidden City and then on a walk along the Great Wall. In our four and a half hour walk along the Wall,we saw only one other person! Tony was also able to satisfy our wish to see some modern design by taking us to a curated shop where we saw some wonderful examples of contemporary ceramics, furniture, jewellery and clothing."
--Wendy B. Australia October 2013

"We spent two days with Jonathan, an extremely knowledgeable and congenial guide with excellent English, climbing up on a hike to the Great Wall, and the next day visiting the Forbidden City and other sites. The Great Wall hike was a challenge but certainly doable - we are 58 and 60 - and it was the highlight of our trip. Just a spectacular way to spend a day, and unlike the tourist part of the Wall, we didn't see another person. Jonathan, the guide, could not have been nicer or more intelligent. Before we left, the communication was great. The owner answered all of our (many) questions with accuracy and good spirit. No question was silly or taken lightly. I couldn't recommend this group more highly."
-- Neal W, October 2013

"Amazing experience of Beijing and being able to visit places at our own pace with lots of flexibility. Excellent level of historical knowledge of guide. Made traveling in Beijing easy and interesting. Amazing sites to see and food/people to see and experience. Great tour guide, made the visit so much more enjoyable. Gave us great insight into life here and his own personal experience."
-- Eileen G, October 2013

"It was great working with people that could provide personalized information about the city. Good service, good people. We also enjoyed having a flexible schedule during the day."
-- Tom V , October 2013

"Stretch-a-leg offers unconventional, nuanced, off the radar tours with great flexibility."

-- Jan G, October 2013

"We would never have seen the hutongs the way we did with Henry if we had been on our own. Really enjoyed it!"
-- Marie A, September 2013

"We usually do not use tour guides because quality is always unknown, but Stretch-a-leg and Henry were fantastic. Very informative about the historical significance of each location. Also provide great insight to life in China then and now. Very personalized guidance, and flexible in pace if there are specific areas of interest we want to spend more time on."
-- Bernie C, August 2013

"From the get go, Stretch-A-Leg has provided prompt, helpful, flexible and professional service (thank you Yang). We booked 3 custom tours (Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Marco Polo Bridge, Hutong and Dashilar plus Wild Wall) and enjoyed every one of them. Our guides Tony and Laura were very knowledgable and friendly and could not have been more gracious. Our experience of a lifetime was the Wild Wall hike with Tony, this was unbelievable. It was a strenuous hike but well worth it, absolutely spectacular! Also special thanks to Tony for providing alternative arrangements for my mother when we realized after the first 5 minutes that this hike was not for her, we sincerely appreciated your kindness and expertise. We would not hesitate to recommend Stretch-A-Leg to anyone considering a trip to Beijing."
-- Siaochi V, June 2013

"I've always been wary of using travel guides. I'm an experienced, independent traveler and I like to wander at my own pace and choose where I spend the most time. But everyone told me I should use a guide in China, so I (somewhat reluctantly) decided to give it a go. I could not be happier with that decision! Tony was an amazing guide--incredibly knowledgeable, warm and down-to-earth. I felt like I was being graciously hosted by a good friend who just happened to be an expert in Chinese history and culture, and who knew some unique, off-the-beaten path places in and around Beijing. He took me to an area of the Great Wall where you can do some real, honest-to-goodness hiking. The views were breathtaking and I didn't see another soul the whole day, since Tony knew to plan this leg of the trip for a weekday when most of the locals are at work. He took me on a Hutong tour in Beijing, where we enjoyed a delicious local snack and saw layers of history in neighborhoods that are all-too-quickly disappearing. Even in the larger historical attractions like the Forbidden City, Tony pointed out details that many others would miss--a tiny Maoist slogan scratched into the outside wall of an ancient temple. He was full of practical knowledge that added comfort to my experience--like seeing the side areas of the Forbidden City first and saving the grander central areas for the mid-afternoon when many of the tourists have left. And his historical, political and cultural knowledge were unparalleled. He is one of the most well-read people I've met, and he clearly has a passion for these sites, even after visiting them so many times. I loved seeing him snap pictures right along with me, of local men doing water calligraphy outside the Temple of Heaven or an area of the Great Wall shrouded in mist. He also gave me some great recommendations for what to do on the two days I had to explore the city on my own. I simply cannot imagine a better guide and I will never forget the amazing experiences I had in Beijing, thanks to Tony's guidance and unique perspective. I saw larger tour groups trudging through many of the same sites looking bored and miserable and I would definitely say you'd get more out of a couple of days with a Stretch-a-Leg guide than you would with a longer time in a cheaper group tour. The experiences I had were worth every penny!"
-- Christianna N, May 2013

"I have booked Stretch-A-Leg Travel a number of times since I have been in Beijing and I have always enjoyed the tours and the time spent with the tour guides. The tours are well thought out, well executed and the tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and personable. I have very much enjoyed all of the tours, which I've found to be a tremendous opportunity to learn more about Beijing and the Chinese culture. To be more specific regarding my previous tours; one tour of the Wild Wall with Henry, and two days with Laura seeing the major sites in Beijing. Both Laura and Henry were superb tour guides - each offered me exactly what I wanted in each tour - working with Henry for the Wild Wall was excellent - I learned about the history of the Great Wall as we talked during the tour but Henry also made sure there was enough quiet time to just enjoy the experience, the view, the day and the hike. And working with Laura for the tours in the city was amazing ! She was tremendous in pointing out all of the details, their relevance, the historical importance of each of the sites we visited - the two days touring with Laura overall was really enjoyable and a tremendous learning experience. Again, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stretch A Leg to family and friends."
-- Douglas P, May 2013

"We travel a lot and wouldn't normally go for a guided tour but needed help accessing some out-of-the-way hutongs as part of a research project. Stretch-a-leg were incredibly responsive and thoughtful, helping to tailor a walking tour that was exactly what we were looking for - and more. Our guide Tony was extremely knowledgable and interesting, but also unassuming and a pleasure to spend time with. Rather than him reciting information, the whole day was like a fascinating extended conversation which brought in local people we met along the way. We enjoyed it so much we booked another straight away. We wouldn't hesitate recommending Stretch-a-leg to anyone interested in really understanding Beijing - even people who wouldn't normally think of going on a tour."
-- Anna T & Finn W, April 2013

"The Stretch-a-leg tour was easily the best tour I have taken anywhere. Tony is a Beijing native who tailors his tours to fit your exact interests and needs. He worked with me in advance to make sure that I was satisfied with the itinerary he created, and took care of every little detail, including helping me to obtain a birthday cake for a friend. Tony was thoughtful, fun, and full of interesting facts and information. I learned a tremendous amount and saw parts of Beijing I would never find on my own, even though I speak Chinese. I could not have asked for a better experience."
-- Orianne D, March 2013

"My family and I (total group of 3) have just recently returned from a week long trip to Beijing. We came across Stretch a Leg through its superb reviews on this site, and decided to give it a try for two of our days in Beijing.

We were grouped with Henry as our tour guide and spent two days seeing the sites around Beijing and hiking the Great Wall. The communication over email to set up these two days of tours was a breeze, and the staff was very friendly to work with. The price was somewhat expensive, though in the end I think it was well worth it given the fact this is a private tour group and you get to see many off the beaten path sites.

Bottom line, we had a fantastic time with Henry and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND booking a tour with Stretch a Leg. If you only have one day, or are debating between what to do, definitely choose the Wild Wall Hike. This hike, though a bit strenuous, was well worth the entire trip over to Beijing. It was great to see un-restored portions of the wall free of any tourists but us! Enjoy!"
--Matt R, February 2013

"A friend highly recommended Stretch-A-Leg when I told her I would be visiting Beijing with limited time to see the sites on my first trip to China. Lucky for us as they are truly excellent!

Henry was our guide - he met us at the railway station and took us to the Great Wall and Forbidden City. It was like travelling with our personal historian! Henry's English was flawless and there was not a single question (whether about ancient history or the current political and economic climate in China) that he could not answer knowledgeably.

We were a group of three couples with diverse interests and all of us thought the tour was fantastic. Henry also took us to a great local restaurant and gave us great shopping advice - as we were staying in Tianjin, like a good friend, he sent detailed email instructions on how to take the bullet train and then the subway to the silk market and even made an appointment for one of the couples at the Apple Store in Beijing! Way above and beyond our expectations. We spoke to other people who did a Great Wall Tour and not one had our terrific experience. I would highly recommend Stretch-A-Leg!"
--Carol P, January 2013


"I am on my final month living in China and wanted to go to Beijing one last time. My guide Jonathan was great and very informative on the areas of interest that I particularly wanted to explore.

Jonathan adjusted the pace of our walking (fast for me) which I appreciated. He took me to the less tourist paths during the visits to the Forbidden Palace and Summer Palace that allowed me to take photos without too many people in them.

I definitely would recommend the team to friends who plan visits to Beijing. Their flexibility and the ease of doing business with them was superb! It is a little more expensive than other guides for a solo traveller, but when I look back at the two days, I felt it was worth it knowing it was my last visit for a long time and I had Jonathan as my guide."
--Catherine F, October 2012

"I very much want to write to tell you how much we enjoyed our hike on the Great Wall. As I told you earlier, I have been to the Wall many times and it is always an amazing sight. But this was truly special. In the “once in a lifetime” category! The day was all I could have hoped for and more. My nephew and I are both very pleased with the service and itinerary you provided.

Thank you. It’s not often expectations are exceeded to that extent."
--Sidne W, June 2012

"First and foremost I was so very pleased with Stretch-a-leg's services, as were my business school colleagues. In all my research for the best fit company for our group, your company stood out from the rest based on your company mission and unique off-the-beaten-path approach that I was searching for. Further more, we were so very happy with both Jonathan and Henry, both of whom who spoke impeccable English and provided applicable insight into China."
--Brooke W, May 2012

"I can't say enough good things about Laura and the wonderful tour she provided for us. She was patient, accommodating, knowledgeable, and wonderful with the four children (under the age of 5) in our group. She really seemed to understand us Westerners, and the types of things our group needed.

Thank you again for providing such a wonderful experience for us in Beijing!"
--Sarah P, May 2012

"Just dropping you a short note to say a massive thank you to some very special people who made our trip to China unforgettable.

Firstly to Jonathan, who guided us on a fantastic and memorable trek on the Great Wall. His knowledge on the trek was absolutely outstanding and the history of this magnificent part of China was just inspiring.

Jonathan is just a great guy who not only gave us a sensational day, but an insight into life in China also. I know I thanked him on the day for showing us a part of the great wall that is significant, but please pass on our appreciation and heartfelt thanks again to him. Jonathan helped me achieve something that I have always wanted to do, making it absolutely unforgettable.

Also would like to thank Henry for a great tour of the Forbidden City and also the square. Again his knowledge of the site was outstanding and as a visitor I learnt more in the time we were actually with him, then reading about it. One of the highlights for me was visiting Mrs Li; thank you very much.

Finally thanks to you Tony, firstly for having the great insight to start Stretch-a-leg and secondly for coming along on our visit to the Forbidden City. It was great to meet you..."
--Michael G, April 2012

"We had a great trip to Beijing and Katrina was excellent. Katrina put a lot of effort into making this special and enjoyable based on our interests and uniquely for us. You don't second chances on trips like this so when the tour is successful like ours was......well it is just very much appreciated. Katrina and you are both very very special. GREAT JOB!

Good luck to you and your organization in the future."
--Harold D, April 2012

"Julie and I really enjoyed our outing to the Wild Wall with Laura. On the feedback form we commented on how much we enjoyed our trip, but I neglected to mention another aspect that we appreciated. Specifically, the car and driver were very good. The car was clean and in good condition and the driver was courteous and made sure that we were comfortable. We especially appreciated the fact that neither he nor Laura smoked cigarettes. That would have detracted from our experience.

We will be sure to recommend Stretch-a-Leg to friends who travel to Beijing!"
--Andy V, April 2012


"Our tour was absolutely stunning--much more than we imagined possible! To be walking on the Great Wall without seeing another person was just amazing. We learned so much with Jonathan-- such a great guide and also great company! It is not often that you get that combination!

Thanks again for all your professionalism before and during the tour. It was also so nice to be on a tour where we were not forced to do other things that we didn't want to do!
Thanks again-- so much!"
--Joanna Y, December 2011

"Dear Nila and Tony--we were going to write to say thanks for the wonderful tours with Jean and Tony!

The tours of the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven as well as what seemed to be all of Beijing with Jean were great-- she's a fantastic tour guide. And the tours of the hutongs and the Summer Palace with Tony were simply amazing. Those are the parts of China that we really wanted to see, and it was a real pleasure to be with Tony who really knew the details!

Tony mentioned that you might be putting together "off the beaten path" tours of Xi'an and if so, please keep me posted!"
--Christine W & Lawrie A, September 2011

"We have been totally satisfied with Stretch-a-Leg.

Jonathan is a marvelous guide, knowledgeable and able to share his knowledge with us at whatever level and on whatever subject we wanted. We particularly appreciated his practical knowledge for finding us delicious inexpensive vegetarian lunches every day, and his flexibility to adjust our schedule as we learned more about Beijing and decided on new priorities.

The opportunity to take subways and buses around Beijing, instead of always having a private car or bus, was a plus for us, too. Not only was it a chance to see "real" China away from tourist presentations, but today we'll be heading off on our own and are grateful that we've had his training.

Thanks for a wonderful Beijing experience."
--Christine E, September 2011

"Nila, Wanted to say thank you to you guys for a wonderful trip we had with you last week.

…Laura was a lot of fun, knowledgeable and a great tour guide. When I come back to China I will be sure to look you guys up again. I do not think I could have had as smooth of a trip and a visit [as I did] without your guys' help. Thanks again and keep doing a great job!"
--Amit S, September 2011

"Kyle and I would like to say THANK YOU so much for the wonderful experience you provided us while in Beijing. You were GREAT! We wanted something 'different'… away from being with a group of tourists and that is exactly what was provided to us.

We had three fun-filled and informative days with Katrina. We especially enjoyed the Wild Wall tour. It was breathtaking! As I sit here at home and look at all the pictures, I am still amazed that I actually “touched” the Great Wall. What a fabulous experience.

Katrina was patient, kind, knowledgeable and fun to be with. We are completely happy that we chose Stretch-A-Leg for our visit to China (Beijing). We will certainly recommend Stretch-A-Leg to anyone we know considering a trip to China.

Thanks again for an amazing experience!"
--Teri & Kyle S, September 2011

"I just want to thank you again for all your help during our visit to China. We had a wonderful time and greatly appreciated the superb work of both Jonathan and Jessica (in Xi’an). Please thank them both for me. They really could not have done a better job. You can be sure that I will strongly recommend Stretch-a-leg to my colleagues who might be considering a visit to China."
--Hugh and Mary, August 2011

"We had an amazing time and Tony was awesome. It was everything we hoped it would be and so much more."
-Ilene, August 2011

"I am back home now and wishing I was still in China having fun.

I especially wanted to email you to say how impressed I was with Laura and the experience Stretch-A-Leg provided.

Our short Beijing visit was exactly what I was looking for. It was fun, extremely informative, and left me with the feeling I was being shown around my a local friend rather than a tour guide.

The wild walk on the wall was perfect for travelers like us who wanted something different to the mass tourist experience. Laura was just fantastic…thoughtful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a lot of fun…..she can have a job in my company anytime!

I will have no hesitation in recommending Stretch-A-Leg to my friends and colleagues."
--Paul C, June 2011

"Hi Tony, I would just like to let you know how much we enjoyed our 2-day tour with Jean. Thanks for the great service. Jean was a fantastic guide, one of the best we've encountered in our many travels. Like a good teacher, we've learned quite a few historical tidbits from her that we shall not forget anytime soon.

Keep up the great job with Stretch-a-Leg, and we hope to visit Beijing again soon! My mom, Casey and I would like to send our best regards to Jean and her family as well. Best wishes for your company's growth. Cheers."

--Kat, April 2011

"We want to thank you for making our trip to our country and Beijing a truly WONDERFUL experience! We are very lucky to have found Stretch-a-leg--we got to see so much and are so impressed with Beijing! Thank you very much we will be sure to recommend you to our friends and family!"
--Frank and MaryBeth, March 2011

"I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that my family and I had an excellent time with Katrina. We learned a lot about all of the places we visited and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. Katrina was so friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible. She was also very patient with my mother in law, who used the wheelchair that you folks provided.

We cannot thank you enough for helping make this once in a lifetime experience so memorable!"
--Cheryl, USA, March 2011


"Thanks for your kind support over the past two days. Our guests greatly appreciated your wonderful introduction of the Great Wall and Forbidden City. Thanks again for your brilliant job and we can tell, from you, that stretch a leg is a great professional company in tourism."
--Chrissie, Beijing, December 2010

"It's been so long since we've seen you, but our great memories will last forever. Thank you for all your hard work to make our visit to Beijing such a success!"
--Diane, USA, November 2010

"Our two best days in China were those we spent with Jean--she made everything exciting! Jean worked with us our first day and the last day. Thank you for providing a wonderful visit. We love experiencing China through the perspective of one who lives there."
--Hannah & Toufic from USA, Oct 2010

"Dear Katrina--Peter and I, together with Russell and Dominique, would like to thank you and Stretchaleg (& Shi Fu the driver) for showing us the sites and looking after us so well. We had a marvelous time and have great memories of our trip. We really appreciate your flexibility when it came to a few last minute changes and also for going the extra mile at times- eg. Meeting us after "office hours" to give us our Red Theatre tickets and watching our kids when we had limited shopping time!

You certainly did a great job in showing us the best of Beijing in the limited time we had, taking us through the best entrances & exits at the various historical sites to save time. If we went on our own, we certainly would not have covered so much ground. We will definitely recommend you to our friends in future.

Do drop us a line if you intend to visit Singapore. Meanwhile, we wish you and Tony all the best!"
--Michelle & Peter Goh from Singapore, Aug 2010

“Tony Chen makes a remarkable introduction to the remarkable city of Beijing. Tony is energetic, enthusiastic and deeply knowledgeable. He is also sensitive to the varied interests and abilities of his clients, and flexible in the face of changeable circumstances. Perhaps most importantly, Tony possesses an incisive mind which allows him to reflect on history (both recent and distant history), and to engage his clients with the extraordinary story of his extraordinary country. My wife and our two teenaged sons and I consider our three days with Tony among the most meaningful travel experiences of our lives.”

--Bill Ross from USA, June 2010

“…Best of all was being in the care of Katrina and Mr. Roy. Katrina is not only extremely knowledgeable about every place we visited, but also a friendly and caring person. We never felt hurried, and she was focused on our individual interests and needs. Axie and I both agreed that she was a superb guide and a joy to be with.

I hope I have the opportunity to recommend your organization in the near future. Thank you again."
--Nora and Axie from USA, July 2010

"Dear Jean, I wanted to thank you again for taking us around Beijing 2 weekends ago! We had such a wonderful time, in large part because of your knowledge and enthusiasm. By the way, the noodle place where we ate lunch was the best food we tried in Beijing. We enjoyed meeting you and will certainly call you next time we are in Beijing, and in the meantime will pass along the details of Stretchaleg Travel to our friends!"
--Faina Goldstein from HK, May 2010

“We spent 2 weeks in China, but the highlight of our trip was definitely the 3 days in Beijing with you two. What a treat!

Thanks so much for a fabulous tour. We can hardly wait to do it all over again.”
--Dr. Patricia Bade from USA, May 2010

“Dear Tony and Katrina, My sister Dr. Patricia Bade has shared the email she sent you regarding our recent visit to China. I just wanted to add my own thank you for making our trip exceptional. Both of you showed the professionalism, friendliness, knowledge and flexibility that made our visit to Beijing so special!
I can understand why you love your city and your country as much as you do! And while we both loved China and it's people, your enthusiasm and insights helped both my sister and I appreciate them even more! Thank you again.”
--Robert Bade from USA, May 2010

“I especially want to say thank you to Katrina for being such a wonderful guide, we would not have enjoyed or got as much out of our trip without Katrina. You were excellent. We will most certainly book you again if we come back and you are still available and will recommend you to anyone who intends to visit Beijing.

Please also thank Roy our driver who was excellent.”
--Audrey and Mark Barrow, USA, April 2010

"Dear Katrina and Tony--We're back home and enjoying the photos of the trip and one of the very best things about being in China was meeting you. We had such a great time visiting all the sites with you and got so much enjoyment from having an inside look at Chinese history and culture. We think you are the BEST! I hope we can meet again and do some more sightseeing and exchanging ideas and eating! Really, you made our trip unforgettable. All the best"
--Lory and David Labensky from USA, April 2010


“I have known Tony for several years and he has worked both for our company, Apax Partners, and for me privately.

On a corporate level, Tony helped us to organise our global partners meeting in Beijing in 2008. He coordinated day programs, booked tours, and organsied a 4 day trip for several partners post the conference.

In 2009, we travelled for 16 days throughout China with 3 families (18 people), Tony organised the entire trip for us. He booked all hotels, local flights and organised local guides in each city, booked great restaurants and arranged all transportation. He also accompanied us for the entire trip. Over 16 days everything went perfectly. We stayed in first class hotels and experienced local Hakka Houses (mud huts) just to show our kids the other side of China. When the hurricane came, we switched our plans over-night and Tony rebooked everything without a single problem.

Most of all, Tony is honest, careful with money, transparent, trustworthy, and always smiling and pleasant. I have recommended him to many people and all have had the same experience.

You simply cannot go wrong with Tony and will have a great trip.”
--Michael Phillips, Managing Partner, Apax Partners, August 2009

"Dear Tony, I am now home in Mill Valley, where I will be reflecting on all the highlights of my China trip for a long time. Thanks again to you and Katrina for all you did to make our visit to Beijing so enjoyable. We could not have experienced the city so richly without your help. I find myself thinking about Mrs. Lee, her courtyard home, and your special office, and I thank you for sharing those private spaces with me. Her family story is remarkable.

I sat with my son yesterday and looked through the book you gave me. It
was a wonderful way to tell him about my trip. Thank you for that lovely

I hope our paths will cross again - whether I return to China or you have
the opportunity to visit California. And I wish you good fortune with
your company. You are a very talented guide and I enjoyed talking with
you and seeing the city through your eyes.

Again, a thousand thanks,"
--Karen Whitaker from USA, July 2009

“Tony Chen was our guide in Beijing for 4 full days. Tony’s communication skills were great. His command of English was very good, and his pronunciation was clear. Tony’s energy and ability to adapt to our family’s needs and interests was what made our trip enjoyable. His knowledge of the sites we visited was extensive, and the fact that he somehow managed to avoid the crowds was greatly appreciated! Our day at the Great Wall was the highlight of our trip. He took us off the beaten track, and it was history, culture and nature all in one package. We really enjoyed having Tony with us, and I have already recommended him to friends visiting the region.

Thank you Tony, for making this trip so memorable for our family. I asked my cousin to find me the best guide in Beijing, and I think she did just that!”
–Ariane, Switzerland, March 2009

"Dear Tony--Many thanks for your gracious e-mail, and for your equally gracious and expert shepherding in Beijing. We enjoyed visiting the city with you, and your knowledge and obvious appreciation really enhanced our visit. We enjoyed it thoroughly, and meeting you was a pleasure in itself. Thanks so much for all your help!

Our time in Beijing on the return is unfortunately short, but we greatly appreciate your suggestion and of course would be glad to see you if time allows. In any case, I did want to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you and will hopefully have future visits to look forward to. Of course, we'll also happily recommend your business to friends and acquaintances looking for a knowledgeable and personable guide (exactly as a friend did us the same favor).

With best regards from all of us, and wishing you a happy new year (of the Tiger) ."

--Marilyn and Steve Morse from USA, January 2009


"There were so many highlights and the whole experience and service package that you offered from pre booking to the actual tour days in Beijing were really excellent. The attention to detail and response to our specific needs made it such an enjoyable few days and your responsiveness and flexibility to adjust things as each day passed made it a most memorable trip."

–David and Trudie, UK, June 2008

"Katrina is a wonderful guide for both the well-known sites and those off the beaten path. Her energy kept us going. She was very responsive to our needs: when to set a good pace and when to take it a bit easier. Her knowledge and friendliness help to make our time in Beijing an unforgettable experience. We would hire her again in a heartbeat and are happy to recommend her as a guide.

Tony is the ideal guide for travelers who want to spend some time off the beaten path. He is tremendously knowledgeable about the many wonderful sights in Beijing, but what made him a very special guide for us was his ability to get us out into the more rural Chinese countryside and see the old way of life that is disappearing fast. He is respected and liked by the villagers we met and we benefited from the relationships he has developed over the years – not only with the people, but also with the flora and fauna of the region."
--Gerald Duffy, June 2008


“We wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for your guidance on our wonderful trip to China in summer. We particularly appreciated someone like you with your knowledge and interest in travel and history. It was truly an unforgettable experience for us and for the girls.”
--Katherine, USA, June 2007

“I had the great pleasure of engaging Tony Chen and his Stretch-A-Leg company to arrange all of the details for a trip to Beijing I made in April of 2007. I traveled with a group of eight high school seniors, three teachers and my husband and twelve year old son. Tony made all of the arrangements from the time we got off the plane. We had terrific transportation with a wonderful driver and an itinerary that couldn’t have been better planned nor better executed. Tony and two marvelous assistants saw to every need of our group in a most professional and very caring manner. Tony’s knowledge of Beijing and his many personal and professional contacts made everything go very smoothly.

I have traveled to China before. My husband has done business in China for more than ten years. Neither of us has ever had a better experience with a guide in China, nor for that matter, in any of the countless places we have traveled throughout the world. We both recommend Tony and Stretch-A-Leg whenever we have the opportunity to friends, family and business colleagues.

I am certain that Tony’s business in China will continue to thrive. He is a very focused and motivated young man with excellent plans to continue to build a very successful company. I look forward to working with him again in the future."
--Mary P. Buie from USA, April 2007

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