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Great Wall

Stretch-a-leg takes you beyond the myths and misconceptions surrounding this icon of China. We blend scholarly historical accuracy with poetic vistas.

Our signature speciality is hikes to the "Wild" Wall. On these un-restored sections of the Wall, you can step back in time in solitude. We also take travelers to developed areas of the Wall that offer cable cars to ease ascent and descent and even toboggans--a big hit with kids!

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Disappearing Hutongs

Disappearing Hutong 胡同 Walking Tours
Within all of China, the hutongs exist almost exclusively in Beijing. They are dense alleyways embedded with over 500 years of the city's history, but they are rapidly being lost to development. Drawing from our local roots, Stretch-a-leg provides insider access to hidden corners we’ve discovered through our friendships with residents.

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Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven 天坛 Tiāntán
The Temple of Heaven was used by Emperors in annual ceremonies for good harvests. Constructed according to Taoist principles, the complex is embedded with symbolism reflecting Chinese cosmogony. Early morning visitors can catch local seniors practicing their exercises amid the lush pine groves.

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Forbidden City, Lama Temple, Disappearing Hutong walking tour

Lama Temple

Lama Temple 雍和宮 Yōnghé gōng
The Lama Temple is one of the world’s largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries—called a lamasery. Stretch-a-leg shares the history from the original owners, the migration of Buddhism from India, and points out the unique blend of Han Chinese and Tibetan art and architecture.

Suggested tour pairings for the same day:
Confucius Temple, Imperial Academy, Drum & Bell Towers, Disappearing Hutong walking tour

Drum & Bell Towers

Drum and Bell Towers 鼓楼钟楼 Gǔlóu Zhōnglóu
Lying on the central imperial axis, these towers were the ancient city clocks. Today, there are drum performances that delight children. On a clear day, views of the courtyards and hutongs below reward you after the steep climb. On your visit with Stretch-a-leg, learn about ancient time keeping methods and how guards conveyed messages using the towers.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square 天安门广场 Tiān'ānmén guǎngchǎng
Home to Mao’s Mausoleum, the Great Hall of the People and National Museum, and situated between the Forbidden City and Qianmen Gate of the original inner city wall, Tiananmen Square represents the physical and historical center of Beijing. As the 3rd largest city square in the world, Tiananmen is vast enough to hold 600,000 people.

Suggested tour pairings for the same day: Forbidden City, Disappearing Hutong walking tour

Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park 景山公园 Jǐngshān Gōngyuán
Located on a hill constructed from the 13th century excavation for the Forbidden City’s moats and canals, Jingshan Park offers the perfect prospect to survey the Imperial Palace below. Do like the exercising locals do; enjoy the cool morning breezes from the peak as Stretch-a-leg’s guides help you visualize Beijing’s historic city plan and orient yourself before you set off for your day’s adventure.

Summer Palace

Summer Palace

Summer Palace 颐和园 Yíhéyuán
In Chinese, Yiheyuan means “Garden of Nurtured Harmony” and visitors to the former garden retreat of Emperors often agree. Stretch-a-leg helps you to envision this masterpiece of Chinese landscape design as the Imperial family would have—without the crowds. Over the years, we have sought out alternative routes and passages to make your visit tranquil and serene.

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Mutianyu Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Disappearing Hutong walking tour, Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City Palace Museum 故宫 Gùgōng
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Forbidden City was the residence of 24 emperors for nearly 500 years, until the Last Emperor Puyi in 1924. The nearly 1000 rooms hold countless stories of court life, intrigue, and historical change. Stretch-a-leg’s guides excavate this dense history to reveal the Palace in ways that surprise even previous visitors.

Suggested tour pairings for the same day:
Jingshan Park, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven