Off-the-Beaten-Path Travel

“To have someone take you to places that obviously mean so much to them is wonderful and makes the whole experience that little bit more special…I would return to Beijing just to take another one of their trips.”

“I literally cannot imagine utilizing anyone else to see the sights we did.”

We are passionate about China’s history and culture. Our goal is to show a face of our country that is often overlooked. We strive to make it as accessible and tangible as possible, allowing visitors to experience China in its full diversity. Clients who travel with us are passionate about engaging with China. Many clients turn to Stretch-a-leg to realize their own unique interests and passions.

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As well-connected locals, we live to fulfill any request, from basic to eccentric:

  • When a professional photographer contacted Stretch-a-leg to arrange a tour of underground spaces throughout Beijing, we put together an itinerary of natural caves and man-made spaces including bunkers constructed during Sino-Soviet tensions in the 1960s and ancient cellars within mansions.
  • Having read an article in the New York Times, a client asked Stretch-a-leg to help them view a cricket fight. We took them to a local market, packed with cricket fighting enthusiasts.
  • An art professor with an avid interest in reclining Buddha statutes counts on Stretch-a-leg to uncover such statues throughout China. She has traveled with us four times in search of examples in places as far flung as Datong and Sichuan.

“…what made [Tony] a very special guide for us was his ability to get us out into the more rural Chinese countryside and see the old way of life that is disappearing fast. He is respected and liked by the villagers we met and we benefited from the relationships he has developed over the years – not only with the people, but also with the flora and fauna of the region.”

  • We specialize in historical walking tours in Beijing, exploring off-the-beaten path sights, and hiking at the wild Great Wall. Our private tours are completely tailored to each individual client.

    Founded by a native Beijinger, we are a Chinese-owned and operated team who will provide you with the uniquely authentic chance to experience China from the perspective of locals.
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