If you have one day only in Beijing as a first time visitor, here's a recommended itinerary of what Stretch-a-Leg Travel would recommend you to do with our company:

One Day City Tour in the Ancient City of Beijing

-Tiananmen Square

Largest city square in the World, you will see both the historical landmarks such as the Qianmen Gate, and Tiananmen Gate as the iconic simple of China and the new modern architectures such as the National Performing Art Center.

- Forbidden City

It's the political center as well as the imperial residence from 1420 to 1911, the Forbidden City is the largest exhibition, and most well preserved historical sight of the entire country.

Ancestral Temple Beijing

- Disappearing Hutongs Walking Tour

One of Beijing's most memorable and quintessential experiences is wandering its hutongs, or alleyways. For over 500 years these streets formed the foundation of Beijing's neighborhoods. They reflect the dramatic changes in China, as formerly single-family courtyard compounds, called siheyuan, have been subdivided over the last 100 years.

We will weave the stories of these figures and their lives to the built landscape as you peer into corners and down passageways filled with local life.


  • We specialize in historical walking tours in Beijing, exploring off-the-beaten path sights, and hiking at the wild Great Wall. Our private tours are completely tailored to each individual client.

    Founded by a native Beijinger, we are a Chinese-owned and operated team who will provide you with the uniquely authentic chance to experience China from the perspective of locals.
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